Create Your First Online Information Product in the Next 24 Hours.

It's Time to Unlock the Power of 1 Day Digital Product.   No Technical Skills or Web Designer Required and You Can Do This With A Budget of $50 Or Less.  

Clarify Your Topic and Title

Not sure what kind of product to create? You're in good hands.  

Create Your Product FAST

Yes, you CAN do this in 1 day.   We will walk you through the step-by-step process.  

Make Sales

Create a new passive income stream that generates revenue around the clock.

Become a Trusted Expert In Your Industry

"Having your own information product line is one of the best ways to attract high paying clients, build trust, generate passive income,and be positioned as a leader in your field."

Kevin Doherty

Module 1
Product Creation Overview

In this module, Kevin will give you a clear overview on the fastest way to create a high quality info product within 1 day.

Module 2
Online Tools 

In this module, Kevin lays out the online tools and resources you'll need to create your product.  Kevin will cover both very inespensive and deluxe options.

Module 3
Quickly Creating Your Content

In this module, Kevin shares the best formula for fast content creation.

Module 4
Setting Up Your Content for Customers to Buy

In this module, Kevin will show you how to set up your content on the internet for purchase without needing a web designer or techie skills.

Module 5
Creating Your Sales Page

In this module, Kevin takes you through his sales page checklist for writing a powerful sales page that converts visitors into buyers.

Bonus Module
Marketing Your Product

In this module, Kevin will show you how he markets his products using Facebook and email marketing.  (This module alone is well worth the entire investment of the course).

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason 1 Day Digital Product does not provide you with the value you had hoped for, simply contact us for a no hassle refund.  

It's time to get started...

Imagine having people buying your knowledge and talent 24/7 from the internet, from all over the world.  There's no better feeling than generating income while living and enjoying your life... and the best way to do this is through creating your own information products.  Given that there is little risk with enormous potential reward, what are you waiting for?

I've personally created an entire line of e-books, online courses, coaching programs, and memberships that have been purchased by thousands of people around the world.  I'm excited to share what I know in this concise, content-rich, action-oriented video module series.   When you sign up below, you'll get instant access to all 6 modules so you can literally start creating your internet product in the next few minutes.  

It's time to transcend the 'time for money' trap and monetize your knowledge in creative ways that secure your financial future and help way more people.  
Kevin Doherty

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