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Want to Write a Book That Boosts Your Income? 4 Helpful Tips to Boost Book Sales and Increase Revenue

By Kevin Posted on December 23, 2015

how to make money from a bookMost people want to write a book before they die.  Most never do it.  Will you be different?  I sure hope so, but it would greatly increase the odds if you knew you could make your book successful and even base your livelihood around it.  After writing a variety of books and e-books, here are 4 quick tips that will help you write a book that sells well and creates a solid passive income stream.


1)  Start Building Your Audience Way Before You Publish Your Book ~  One of the biggest mistakes authors make is waiting to build their audience until they are ready to publish.  I recommend spending a solid 6-12 months prior to publishing proactively building your email list, fan page, and other social platforms.   If you have a built in network of people to sell your book to, your launch will be immeasurably more successful.  Most authors don’t prioritize audience building as part of the book writing process.


For every page you write of your book, make a commitment to collect 5 more email addresses and get 5 more fans to your Facebook page.   Don’t look at book writing as the ONLY activity you need to focus on.  As you write, you market.  You have a blog where people can check out snippets of your content.  You are active on your fan page sharing insights, quotes,  and so on.


If you have 5,000 engaged Facebook fans and 3,000 engaged email subscribers this can be your primary distribution channel for book sales.  I would recommend saving part of your brain capacity for developing the skill of internet marketing as you write your book.  Make room in your schedule to study and implement social media marketing and list building.


2)  Build Out A Strong Sales Funnel Around Your Book ~  Most authors never make much money from their book because they don’t know how powerful a back end sales funnel is.  If you focus on generating your primary income from book sales, you’ll likely end up poor and disappointed.  If, however, you build a sales funnel around your book, now you have a whole new window of financial potential to explore that can transform your life.


The main question you want to ask yourself is, ‘What happens after people buy?’  


Do you lose them?  Or do you have a way to stay in touch with your book buyers and offer them more stuff?  That might include other books you’ve written, products you’ve created, or services you offer.  As a basic rule of thumb, make it exceedingly obvious where people can learn more about you in your book.  If it’s relevant, mention your website a few times in your book.  If it’s not, be sure to have a strong call to action at the end of your book for people to go to your website and get on your email list so you can stay in touch with them.


Many coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, and wellness professionals use their book as a way to attract clients and command premium fees.  An author is always going to have a huge advantage in the game of client attraction.  People will trust them more and they will be able to charge more. Your sales funnel is a map of the entire process you take someone through who engages with your business in any fashion, from lead to buyer to lifelong supporter.


3)  Keep the Publishing Process Simple and Cheap ~ Don’t spend all kinds of money publishing your book until you know you have a winner on your hands.  You can easily drop a few thousand dollars on self-publishing services that promise all kinds of amazing benefits for your book.  Here’s the thing– If you are leaving the marketing of your book to an external entity, guess what?  They care about your book a lot less than you do and there’s a good chance they won’t generate the amount of sales you would hope.  It’s pretty much on your shoulder to sell your book… and when you can see that as GOOD thing, then your book can become a serious asset to your business or career.


I would recommend starting with a simple platform like Create Space.  There’s no up front cost and it is super easy to get your book set up there.  Yes, they will take more of your royalties than some self-publishing companies, but the convenience and speed factor makes it worth it.  Once you have a book that has great sales momentum, it’s not that hard to switch self-publishing platforms.  If you want a more extensive option with lower printing costs than Create Space, go with Mill City Press.  This is who I used to publish my book The Purpose Principle and they did a great job.

4)  Get Interviewed by Popular Podcasters in Your Industry ~  Even if your book is not published yet, you should make a swipe file of podcasters who you can reach out to shortly before your book launches.  Podcast interviews are like a new form of talk show.  Many authors are having seeing much greater book sales by being interviewed on podcasts rather than traditional strategies that cost a lot of money.  Podcast interviews are free for you and can quickly get you a tremendous amount of visibility in your industry.  Go ahead and read my blog post about podcast interviews for authors here if you’d like to learn more.

Writing a book is demanding enough.  Keep the publishing process easy on yourself.  Put any extra mental energy and money you have into building your online platform and your sales funnel.  That is where the true money is made as an author.

Most authors never enjoy much success from their book.  For you to be different, it’s mostly a matter of your willingness to develop your marketing skills so that you know exactly how to sell your book.  Let me know if you’d like me to help you with this.  A great first start would be the 90 Day Book Challenge.  In this program, I took 100 entrepreneurs on a 3 month journey of writing their first book or e-book.  Most came out with a finished product that they now have on Amazon or on their own website.

Click here to learn more about the 90 Day Book Challenge.




Kevin is a coach, author, and blogger who offers a unique fusion of spiritual and business development. He has coached thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world to build their ideal business and discover their true purpose in their work.

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