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Podcast Interviews: One of the Best Ways to Get More Leads, Book and Product Sales, and Clients

By Kevin Posted on December 22, 2015

podcast interviewsI was hanging out on Facebook the other day, kind of mindlessly sifting through my newsfeed when I came across a post one of my friends had shared by Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning (great book by the way, pick up a copy when you get a chance).  In this post, Hal was sharing an insight into the modern publishing world that I think many authors who are serious about selling more books need to hear.

In this post, Hal mentioned that he spent thousands of dollars on major media appearances to promote his book which led to pretty disappointing results.  What he discovered was that by far the best way to increase book sales was through a totally free method that is only gaining in popularity:  Podcast interviews.

In essence, the podcast interview is like the new talk show.  In this medium, the author (or expert) gets to sell their books, products, or services simply by sharing stories and value with the podcaster’s audience.  Who would have thought that you can sell more books or services simply by being yourself, sharing your story, and offering value to people?  Earth-shattering I know, but it’s amazing how few are truly embracing this way of selling.

When I wrote my first book The Purpose Principle, social media was barely a ‘thing’ yet, and podcasts were virtually non-existent.  My goal wasn’t to hit the NY times best-seller list from that book; it was to attract patients to my local wellness practice and potentially create a worldwide platform from which I could offer life and business coaching.  I’m happy to say that this book has helped me accomplish this goal.  However, if I was going to write a new book in the near future, the opportunities for massive visibility are so much greater than they were even 6 years ago when I published my book.

Let’s answer a few of the main question you likely have about using podcast interviews to build your email list, sell more books, and get more clients.

 How Do I Find Podcasters Who Want to Interview Me? 


  1. Check out the new and noteworthy podcasters in iTunes here ~  Most new podcasters are highly motivated to find people they can interview who will offer value for their listeners.

2.  Do a Google search of podcasters in your niche ~  You’ll likely be able to create a large swipe file of podcasters whose audience sizes range from very small to enormous.  Of course, you want to get on podcasts that have the biggest audience, but I’d recommend starting with smaller ones so you can build your confidence and speaking skill first.

3.  Join Facebook groups that focus on your niche ~  Once again, you’ll likely come across all kinds of podcasters looking for people to interview simply by networking in Facebook groups.

4.   Do a Google search for authority blogs in your niche ~  Bloggers who have a big audience and rank well on Google tend to be podcasters.  Make a swipe file of people they have interviewed.  Also check out their blog comments as you can also create great connections by reaching out to people who leave useful comments on popular blogs.   Some authority bloggers are very accessible.  You can even leave them a comment, asking if they can point you to a resource of podcasters in their industry.  If they don’t reply personally, you’ll likely get a lot of their readers replying.

5.  Create epic content and market the hell out of it ~  The more consistent you are about producing high quality content, and even more so, about promoting your content, the more likely it will be that podcasters reach out to you instead of you having to chase them down.  If you have a large audience on social media, that podcaster is going to be even more motivated to interview, especially if they are prominent in your industry.  Keep building your audience so that you have the positioning in place to build relationships with the heavy hitters in your field.

How Do I Approach the Podcaster to Interview Me?

I look at this as a very similar process to reaching out to guest bloggers.  The main point here is that you want to make the interview as convenient for them as possible AND show them how you can add unique value for their audience.

Most of the bigger podcasters have a formal process they require you to go through to be considered for an interview, or at the least, a page on their website that walks you through how to initiate the process.

Before you reach out to the podcaster, be sure to spend quite a bit of time actually listening to their podcast to get a clear sense of the topics they cover, their interview style, and the kinds of guests they are most likely to interview.  Do your research and let them know that you are a fan and student of their work; this goes a LONG way toward landing the interview!

When you fill out a contact form or email them personally, I’d recommend using a script similar to this:

Hi name,

I’ve been following your podcast for some time and I truly appreciate the content you offer.  I’ve found your podcast to be very helpful for me personally, which is one of the reasons I am reaching out to you today.  

I’m emailing you to see if you’d be interested in having me on your podcast.  I am an expert on (describe your topic of expertise in detail here) and currently have a rapidly growing blog and social media presence.  I’m extremely serious about my business… and I’m just as committed to your success as I am my own.  

I have carefully studied your podcast content and I believe I can add a fresh perspective and unique value to your audience on a few different topics.    I’ve included 3 topic ideas that  I think would really resonate with your listeners here:

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

Of course, I’m open to your ideas as well, but my goal is to make this as easy on you as possible, while also providing an insane amount of value.  Feel free to either reply to this email or call me at ______ if you have questions or would like to secure a time for an interview.  

thanks!  Name


The #1 Call To Action At the End of the Podcast Interview


Now, there’s a lot I could say about ensuring that you do a great interview.  A lot of this comes with practice and repetition, but the main thing is to be highly personable, enthusiastic, and engaging.  Weave stories around your teaching points.  Be transparent and vulnerable in sharing your own story.  As long as your sincere desire to help their audience shines through, you really can’t go wrong, even if you stumble over your words or feel nervous.

Of course, the main benefit for you is that you are getting exposed to an entirely new audience of people for free.  Just make sure that at the end of the podcast, the interviewer tells listeners where they can go to learn more about you.  In particular, I would highly recommend that you send their listeners to a lead capture page that offers something of value for free in exchange for their email address.  Your primary objective when you do podcast interviews  is to build your email database and sell your books, products, or services through email marketing.  As long as you continue to offer value through email marketing, and weave in offers for subscribers who want to take the next step in working with you, this should prove to be your best way to ‘pitch’ a new audience without having to sell in an aggressive or awkward fashion.  Most likely, the podcast interviewer is not going to let you do that anyway, so your best bet is to offer people something for free, then get them on your email list.

Ideally, the podcast interviewer should share the link at least twice that takes listeners to your lead capture page, and also put a direct link in the show notes on their blog.  If you feel that the interview went especially well and received great feedback, you can gently ask if the interviewer would be willing to email their list with a link to the episode.  They will do this on occasion if they feel that the content is incredibly valuable.

If you’re pretty consistent about doing podcast interviews, you can build a huge email list into the thousands in a short period of time.  This is especially helpful if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads or other paid strategies.

Have you used this strategy to build your list and sell more books or products?  Let me know how it’s working for you in the comment section below!





Kevin is a coach, author, and blogger who offers a unique fusion of spiritual and business development. He has coached thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world to build their ideal business and discover their true purpose in their work.

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