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The Liberated Life is a Full Year of Support Working with Kevin and This Amazing Community of Visionaries and Healers

A Practical Approach to Awakening

For thousands of years, human beings have respected the vital importance of the non-physical world.  It's only in our post-industrial modern world that we have become skeptical of that which is beyond our five senses.  Let's be clear though-- Your REAL power as a human being isn't based on your current circumstances or on anything that you can 'see' happening around you.  

If you often feel that life is random or that you're a victim to your circumstances, all this means is that you've lost connection with the power of the invisible world, which is the ACTUAL power source that determines all facets of your physical existence.  

In the Liberated Life coaching program, our main goal together is to help you tap back into this power soure so that you can start intentionally designing your ideal life, rather than habitually reacting to your circumstances.  This 'work' is both radically profound AND highly practical--it's not 'woo woo' or New Agey, nor is it dogmatic or based in any particular religious or spiritual tradition.  

This work IS radical in nature-- awakening to who you really are is not for the faint of heart or the complacent who accept the status quo.  You WILL be challenged.  Your mind WILL be stretched.  You WILL be required to let go of reference points and definitions of yourself that no longer serve you.  

If you're willing to do that.. then what's waiting on the other side is nothing short of extraordinary.  From the outside looking in, there tends to be tremendous resistance and fear to experiencing this directly.. but from the inside looking in, it's like the most refreshing, soothing, and enjoyable state of Being that you can imagine.. and you'll likely find yourself having a good laugh at all of the excuses and beliefs you've piled up that previously convinced you that you weren't worthy of this or that it's too scary or difficult to experience.   


Nothing Changes Until YOU Do

Your life circumstances are simply a mirror of your own consciousness.  Have you noticed how painfully futile it is to try and change your cirumstances over and over again?  Maybe the next job will finally be the right fit... or maybe that next partner will finally be 'the one'.. or maybe that next diet will finally be the solution.. and maybe, just maybe that next marketing strategy will finally give you the money you deserve.

Have you noticed that NONE of this really works?  Sure, you can get temporary relief.. but if you pay attention, you'll see that you're brought back time and again to the same limiting patterns that you just can't seem to escape from.  So, you read another self-help book.  You 'try' even harder to get that next breakthrough.  You analyze and try to 'understand' your situation with more intensity and motivation.  But... things don't really change all that much-- not the BIG, life-defining changes that you really want in your heart of hearts.

This is traditionally called the Wheel of Suffering, and it's the unfortunate cycle that 99% of human beings are stuck in, whether they realize it or not.  True freedom.. true transformation.. true liberation can NOT occur when you're stuck on this wheel.  

I want to help you get off.  It IS possible for you.. but you need a new perspetive to draw from, one that gives you a foundation of True Change that has NOTHING to do with the vast majority of self-help techniques that you've heard about or tried in the past.  Most self-help tools actually glue you down more to this Wheel and reinforce the limited sense of self that creates more limited circumstances.

The Liberated Life coaching program is designed to give you a new framework to draw from, one that is 100% accurate in its understanding of who you REALLY are and why you're REALLY here.  Having this framework in place naturally leads to radical transformation and the end of self-sabotage.  It's actually very simple.. and it does NOT require superhuman effort or countless lifetimes in order to 'get' it.  

Creating Freedom From the Inside Out

The Liberated Life coaching program is uniquely designed to help you in 2 ways:

1)  Immediately tap into an expanded state of consciousness that is the foundation of all abundance, empowerment, creativity, and joy in your life.  Regardless of your current circumstances, you have access to this awakened state right now.  There is nothing 'real' that blocks it.. or that you need to endlessly process through in order to activate it.  
2)  Gracefully create a freedom-based lifestyle in your work, relationships, health and so on.  As you start to experience inner empowerment, you'll naturally want to create a lifestyle that reflects this awakened state in all ways.  The Liberated Life is designed to help you integrate awakening into every single facet of your daily existence, from how you make money to how you pay bills to your marriage, parenting, food choices, excercise patterns, and so on.  The goal is full integration of expanded consciousness into daily life.  
Our live webinars will focus on creating your ideal business or livelihood and the exact steps to make that happen.  You can get as much customized support as you need on client attraction, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, product creation, web design, and passive income generation.  Instead of there being a huge disconnect between your inner process of awakening and your livelihood, the goal of this program is to help you merge the two into a seamless whole, so that you are not only going to higher states of empowerment; you're integrating your evolution into the world and monetizing your passions.  

Don’t Take My Word For It

"When you apply the principles laid out in Kevin's work, you will realize your full potential for abundant living."

Brian Tracy

NY Times Best Selling Author 

Kevin, what parallel universe did you morph out of?!! You are truly amazing, a dream!! I have worked with other coaches and this is not to knock them, but I do have something else to compare my experiences to. You are a Saviour. You are teaching us how to see things from an entirely different light. I was at that all time high and complacency set in and then the Universe put it’s foot into my butt, and everything flipped, not realizing that there was more work for me to do while on this mission called life. Biggest blessing because it led me here. 

Doing the awareness practices have allowed me to increase confidence, motivation and perspective. I’ve learned and am continuing to learn to “trust” the process of what’s happening. I have increased clarity and awareness and also appreciation as well. I’ve been resistant to meditation up until now. Now, I make sure I never miss a day. I’m attracting new clients – the ones I really want to work with. I practice energy medicine and this has been a great asset!

Thank you once again.

Heather Pearson

Chiropractor and Energy Healer

"In the few months I have been working with Kevin, I have been able to get to the heart of the reasons I’m not manifesting abundance in my life and have begun to actually FEEL free from the stress surrounding money. And every day new creative ideas and opportunities are being recognized! Obviously I recommend to everyone I know that they start using the money transformation tools IMMEDIATELY."

Jamie Snyder

Massage Therapist

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Here are Comments from Current Members

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 Full Year of support working with Kevin!  Think about that-- you get 12 full months of help integrating these powerful principles into your daily life.. so you can build unwavering confidence in your ability to intentionally create the life that you really want.  
  • 2 live webinars every month~  These webinars will be 1-2 hours in length and will cover a variety of topics related to accelerated living, heightened consciousness, abundance, and freedom.  All webinars will be recorded and will be available for long-term viewing, so even if you can't attend live, you can always watch the recordings.  You'll want to do this on a regular basis to integrate the information on increasingly deeper levels.
  • A private Facebook group for current members ~  The community aspect of this program is enormously valuable.  You'll be able to network with and get support from like-minded people committed to the same ideals and values as yourself.  This is exceedingly rare in our modern world.  You'll have the opportunity to form long-term friendships and meaningful connections that will enhance your life in wonderful ways.  By the way, we currently have an AMAZING group of people in this program.  You will be blown away by the quality of company that you get to keep!
  • Q & A and customized help~  You are welcome and encouraged to ask questions within the Facebook group and on the live webinars to get customized support from Kevin and other group members.  This program is designed to be highly interactive.  While you can participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable, your presence will be considered highly important and relevant to the group dynamic.  
  • Access to Kevin's extensive video library ~  I have been leading group coaching programs online for many years now and have acquired literally hundreds of hours of training on all kinds of useful topics related to entrepreneurship, internet marketing, writing books, making money and getting clients, and creating a freedom-based lifestyle.  Whenever you need customized help, I will point you to one of my training videos to give you the exact support you need.  This is a HUGE value in the program!   While you don't have to be an entrepreneur to join the Liberated Life, you will be encouraged to create your ideal livelihood as a reflection of your expanded consciousness.  I have step-by-step training you can access on how to do this by using the internet and social media.  
  • Deep discounts on any other group coaching programs ~  I tend to run 3-4 group programs a year.  As a member of the Liberated Life, I consider you to be part of my Inner Circle for a full year, which will give you close access to me and discounts on any other programs I offer that would be of benefit to you.  

What Do You Value More Than Total Life Freedom?

Hopefully Not Much!  

Join one of the most empowering and supportive communities to activate your highest purpose, do work you love, and create a freedom-based life.

Try it out for 30 days.  There is absolutely no risk.  Please remember that Kevin is looking for group members who are committed to their awakening as a top priority.  If your current mindset is steeped in skepticism, you're looking for a quick bandage without doing any work, or you have a casual attitude about your evolution, this probably is not for you.  Hey, better to be up front about this rather than waste your time!  


I look forward to personally guiding you in this highly unique and transformative program over the next year.  

See you inside our Facebook group,

Kevin Doherty